Book Reader on Google Home

Getting Started

To start listening to audiobooks on your Google Assistant enabled devices, invoke the assistant and say

Ok Google, Talk to Book Reader

You can also simply click the following link and use it directly on your phone

🅖 Ask Book Reader to Listen to Audio Books for free

Common commands

While the voice assistant app is fairly intuitive, these following commands will help you get most out of the app.

To to listen to an audio book, say the title of the book
Play Jungle Book

By default, the first chapter/section of the book is played. You can always skip to the next chapter/section by saying
Play next chapter

To get a recommendation or ask for help, simply ask
What can you do

Signing In

During the conversation, you may be prompted to signin. This is an optional step but signing in will allow you to restart the conversation from where you left off. It means that you position in the book is marked and you can start listening from the same position in the book from where you left off last time.

Recommended Books

While the voice app provides a few suggestions when you ask for Give me suggestions, I have also compiled a complete recommendation list to help you get started with Book Reader. You can find the recommended list here.

List of available Books

There are over 14 thousand books available via this app. The complete list can be found here