Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews

Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews

Author: Mark Twain
Read By: John Greenman
Duration: 1 day, 13:51:09

Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews

This collection of the 258 known, publicly-printed interviews of Mark Twain
This collection of the 258 known, publicly-printed interviews of Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was compiled by Gary Scharnhorst and published by the University of Alabama Press. The interviews are in the Public Domain, and our thanks go to Gary Scharnhorst and the University of Alabama for making them available for this Public Domain audio recording. They were compiled in the University of Alabama Press book entitled "Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews" and are arranged, chronologically, from Twain's first authenticated interview in 1871, to his last interview in 1910. Here's how Professor Scharnhorst has characterized the interviews: Interviews 1-20 The Growth of Mark Twain's Early Reputation, 1871-1884 Interviews 21-39 The "Twins of Genius" Tour, 1884-1885 Interviews 40-59 The Best and Worst of Times, 1886-1895 Interviews 60-81 Across North America, 1895 Interviews 82-120 Across Australia, Asia, and Africa, 1895-1896 Interviews 121-151 "Ambassador at Large" and Man of Letters, 1897-1901 Interviews 152-170 Last Visit to Mississippi, 1902 Interviews 171-195 At Large, 1902-1906 Interviews 196-220 "Dean of Humorists," 1906-1907 Interviews 221-235 Visit to Oxford, 1907 Interviews 236-258 The Long Goodbye, 1907-1910 Extensive analysis (for instance how other publications interpreted identical interview sessions), notes, appendix and index are included in the printed work. - Summary by John Greenman


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