One-Act Play Collection 008

One-Act Play Collection 008

Author: Various
Read By: LibriVox Volunteers
Duration: 3:52:21

One-Act Play Collection 008

Librivox’s One-Act Play Collection 008 includes one-act plays in the public
Librivox’s One-Act Play Collection 008 includes one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members.Project BC: Michele Eaton At A Garden Party Narrator:Zames Curran Mr Demure: Anna Simon Mrs Pattallon: Availle Mr Tablett: Algy Pug Second Lady: Beth Thomas First Lady: Kristin Gjerløw Phil: ToddHW Mrs Maynard Gery: Michele Eaton Mr Chuck: Larry Wilson Mrs Hussiffe: Lydia Mrs St Patticker: Diana Schmidt Toto: Newgatenovelist Mrs Prattleton: April Walters BC, PL, Editor: Michele Eaton Cinderella Narrator: KHand Fairy Godmother: MaryAnn Mother: Beth Thomas Peggy Cinderella: Kristin Gjerløw Mabel: Rachel Lucy: Bria Snow Herald: Lydia Prince:Zames Curran BC, PL, Editor: Rachel Daniel and the Devil Narrator:Zames Curran The Devil: Availle Daniel: Larry Wilson Beelzebub: Newgatenovelist BC, PL, Editor: David Lawrence The Exchange Narrator:Zames Curran The Judge: Algy Pug Rich Man: Beth Thomas Imp:Crystal Gattis Vain Woman: Michele Eaton Poorman: Larry Wilson BC, PL, Editor: Michele Eaton The Hour Glass Narrator:Zames Curran A Wise Man: Mike Justice A Fool: Algy Pug Pupil: Larry Wilson Pupil: ToddHW Pupil: Newgatenovelist An Angel: Jessie Yun Wise Mans Wife: Kristin Gjerløw Child: Jessie Yun Child: April Walters BC, PL, Editor: Anastasiia Solokha Human Nature Narrator: Ali Kazerani Man: Larry Wilson Woman: Diana Schmidt First Celestial Figure: Xenablue Second Celestial Figure: April Walters BC, PL, Editor: Mary Kay Not Smart Narrator: Larry Wilson Milo Tate: ToddHW Maddie The Maid:Crystal Gattis Fannie Tate: Vanessa Cooley Mrs Painter: Xenablue Mr Snow:Zames Curran BC, PL, Editor: Larry Wilson The Pierrot and the Minute Narrator:Zames Curran Moon Maiden: Beth Thomas Pierrot: ToddHW BC, PL, Editor: Newgatenovelist The Sacred Place Narrator: Availle Said Shah Shereef: Algy Pug Constable Matthews: Phil Benson Ram Chandra: Beth Thomas Rev Jordan: Larry Wilson Muhammed: Peter Tucker Akbar Almad: Newgatenovelist Abdulla:Zames Curran BC, PL, Editor: Algy Pug The Second Story Man Narrator:Zames Curran Harvey: Algy Pug Jim: ToddHW Helen: Michele Eaton BC, PL, Editor: Mary Kay


0 chapters
3:52:21 hrs listen time
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