Winter's Tale

Winter's Tale

Author: William Shakespeare
Read By: LibriVox Volunteers
Duration: 2:55:34

Winter's Tale

Mad with jealousy, King Leontes of Sicilia orders his best friend Polixenes
Mad with jealousy, King Leontes of Sicilia orders his best friend Polixenes killed, his child abandoned, and his wife put on trial for adultery. Sixteen years later, Perdita, raised as a shepherd's daughter, falls in love with Polixenes's royal son and returns to her father's kingdom. (Summary by Arielle Lipshaw)Cast:Antigonus: John DoyleArchidamus: David NicolAutolycus: Algy PugCamillo: mbCleomenes: Vicente Costa FilhoClown: BaggzDion: Robert FletcherDorcas: Patti CunninghamEmilia: Laurie Anne WaldenFirst Gentleman: SkythrockFirst Lady/Servant/Third Gentleman: musicalheart1First Lord: GueroFirst Servant: SweetlilbirdyFlorizel: Mark F. SmithGaoler: Dennis D.Gentleman/Narrator: Jo KarabaszHermione: Arielle LipshawLeontes: Bruce PirieLord: Rat KingMamillius: SusannaMariner: David LawrenceMopsa: AvailleOfficer: Bellona TimesOld Shepherd: om123Paulina: Elizabeth KlettPerdita: Karen SavagePolixenes: David GoldfarbSecond Gentleman: Martin GeesonSecond Lady: Maria ThereseSecond Servant: Lucy PerryTime: PhilippaAudio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw


6 chapters
2:55:34 hrs listen time
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