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Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or desperate to quit your day job, t
Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or desperate to quit your day job, this show has you covered. Hosts Chalene and Brock Johnson bring both perspectives - whether your goal is to earn extra income on the side, or take the growth of your online business to the next level. Get top tips to build social media, grow your email list, develop digital marketing strategies, boost automated sales and create additional streams of income on a limited budget. Learn to share your story and convert followers into loyal customers with New York Times Best Selling Author, Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur Chalene Johnson and her son Brock Johnson, Part-Time Entrepreneur, Speaker and Story-Telling Strategist. Enjoy expert guest interviews and quick episodes with actionable steps. Whether you’re a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur or someone who just wants to make extra money on the side, this is your show!

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My 4-Week Niching Down Experiment | Quick Tip Tuesday - 448
Chalene Johnson, Brock Johnson · Jan 12, 2021
How to Find Your Niche and Grow a Community on Instagram, with Warren Carlyle - 447
Chalene Johnson, Brock Johnson, Warren Carlyle · Jan 07, 2021
Is the ClubHouse App the Best Use of Your Time | Quick Tip Tuesday - 446
Chalene Johnson, Brock Johnson · Jan 05, 2021
Is ClubHouse the Next Hot Social Media App - 445
Chalene Johnson, Brock Johnson · Dec 31, 2020
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