A Character Curriculum for Tomorrow's Leaders

Empowering students to live the life they choose, not the life they settle for

About the "Choices" SEL Curriculum

"Choices" is a specialized Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum designed to help students develop character, strengthen their mindset, and acquire essential life skills. It's built on CASEL's SEL Framework in conjunction with the 8 non-cognitive variables vital for future success.

The curriculum was created to empower students to acquire skills that grant them choices in life, rather than being limited by a lack of ability. It's our mission to equip students with the tools necessary to create a life they desire, not one they must settle for.


Why "Choices" Stands Out

Our unique curriculum is influenced by Daryl Williams Jr.'s extensive experience and dedication to excellence in education. Through the teaching of the 8 non-cognitive variables upon which "Choices" is built, we aim to increase:

Our Curriculum Has Been Used By

Flexible Format for Every Classroom

"Choices" is available in both digital and physical formats to fit the diverse needs of today's educational environment. Our curriculum can easily be implemented, whether in a traditional classroom or an online learning setting.

Five Core Competencies of CASEL

In today's world, many students grapple with low self-esteem, failing to recognize the inherent value of education. They face immense challenges such as peer pressure, bullying, depression, homelessness, substance abuse, and familial conflicts.

Our curriculum builds on the five core competencies of CASEL: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. The thoughtful integration of these principles within the "Choices" SEL curriculum serves as a guide to navigate the complex world students live in.

The result is a meaningful educational journey that promises to enhance academic performance, elevate behavior, and equip students with the skills they need for success in life. We take pride in the "Choices" Students Character Curriculum, with its diverse representation and relevant topics, emphasizing the significance of Social and Emotional Learning in today's educational landscape.

Middle School Edition: "Choices" Curriculum for Grades 6-8

The "Choices" Curriculum crafted specifically for Grades 6-8 equips adolescent students with the vital developmental skills they need during these transformative years. Utilizing engaging and relatable stories, it reflects the principles of Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (PBIS) and aligns seamlessly with the Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) framework.

What sets "Choices" apart are the content connections directly relevant to lesson themes, all anchored in essential behaviors. These are the foundational building blocks that prepare middle school students for the pivotal transition to high school, ensuring they have the tools to become the person capable of skills acquisition and not limited in life.

The "Choices" Student Curriculum serves as a crucial layer in a student's foundation, constructed to ensure success both within the classroom and beyond. 

“A Transformative Experience…”

“This curriculum has brought a new level of success to our school. Daryl's vision and passion for education shine through in every lesson.”

Principal Jane Smith

Excellence Middle School

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