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Embark on a Transformational Journey – from a rocky start as a terrible teacher to achieving Two-Time Teacher of the Year, leaving a lasting impact on students and school communities.



Daryl Williams Jr.'s path in education is a story of inspiration, innovation, and impactful leadership. As a speaker, coach, and school administrator, Daryl embodies the essence of educational excellence, constantly striving to elevate the teaching and learning experience.

His journey began in the heart of the classroom, where his passion for teaching and student success shone brightly. Daryl's dedication quickly translated into notable achievements, including National Board Certification and two prestigious Teacher of the Year awards. His commitment to education is further evidenced by his two Master's Degrees from Johns Hopkins University and The University of North Carolina.

Beyond the classroom, Daryl's influence extends through his dynamic role as an Assistant Principal and founder of Pursuit of Excellence. His mission: to guide a million students towards living lives of choice, not circumstance. Through this venture, Daryl develops resources that foster key student skills, mindset, and character, all while inspiring educators and school leaders with his innovative approaches and captivating online content.

Daryl's expertise covers a broad spectrum of crucial educational topics. For students, he focuses on better decision-making, valuing education, and character building. For educators, he offers inspirational sessions on student growth strategies, mindset development, expanding impact, and strategies to avoid burnout.

Daryl Williams Jr. is more than an educator; he's a catalyst for change, passionately working towards a future where every student and teacher can realize their full potential.


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